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Stir Fried Rice Eel with Garlic [diet recipe]


50g rice field eel

25g garlic

1 tsp ginger,chopped

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp rice wine

1 tsp cornstarch mixed water

10g olive oil


1. a. Clean rice field eel,quick boil in hot water,take out.Cut into slices.

b. Marinate rice field eel in 1/4 salt and 1/4 tsp ginger for 20mins.

c. Peel the garlic, cut out the root. Cut into slices.

2. a. Heat the oil in a wok until about 110C,add garlic slices, stir until fragrance smell out, or half cooked. Leave oil in the wok,pour out garlic in a dish,set aside.

b. Add ginger in the wok,stir 2 times.

c. Add rice field eel slices. stir several times, add rice wine, stir fry until rice field eel thoroughly cooked.(Add some water if dry)

d. Add garlic, salt, stir 1min. Add cornstarch, stir until thicken.

c. Pour out in a dish, serve.

Note:1. Rice field eel, or mud eel is bred in rice field or pond,quite different from eel in sea(river).Its gill already degenerated. Rice field eel contains very low fat, but rich in DHA and vitamine A. It contains one substance that can reduce and regulate blood sugar,so it's an idea food for diatetes.

2. Rice field eel must be thoroughly cooked, otherwise it's not good to our health.

Serving Method:(one serving)

Serve as main dish at lunch or dinner. 50g rice field eel each meal.

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