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Steamed Pumpkin Rice [diet recipe]


100g rice

200g pumpkin

200g clean water

5g olive oil

1/2 tsp shallot

1/3 tsp salt


1. a. Clean rice,soak in 200g water in a big bowl for at least 30mins.

b. Place the bowl with soaked rice and water in a steamer,steam for 10mins.(half cooked).

2. Clean pumpkin,peel off and seed off. Cut into 1cm cubes.

3. a. Heat the oil in a wok until about 110C.

b. Add shallot,stir,

c. Add pumpkin cubes,stir 1mins.

d. Turn off heat,pour in a big bowl.Set aside

4. When the rice half cooked,take out the bowl with rice,pour rice in the bowl with the pumpkin. Place the bowl with pumpkin and rice in the steamer,continue to steam for 20mins. Turn off heat.Let rice stay in steamer for 5mins before serve.


1. Arrange the time carefully,the best is when you finished cooking pumpkin,the rice just steamed 10mins. You may set aside the pumpkin and wait rice,but you shouldn't stop steaming the rice,then cook pumpkin,and then steam rice again. Remember,quickly take out the half-steamed rice and quickly pour on the pumpkin,then quickly steam again. Never leave half-steamed rice off heat long time(or even become cold) and then steam again.

Serving Method:(2 servings)

Serve as main food at lunch and/or dinner.

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