2007. december 16., vasárnap

Red Onion Pizza [diet recipe]

Recipe Ingredients

2 tsp olive oil
1 water
3 cup thinly sliced red onions
2 tsp red wine vinegar
1 tsp julienned orange zest
1 cup thinly sliced zucchini
4 each (1-ounce) pita breads
1 tbsp plus 1 teaspoon chopped cilantro

Recipe Preparation

Heat 1 teaspoon oil and 1/4 cup water in large nonstick skillet; add
onion. Cook over low heat, covered, 30 minutes. Stir in vinegar and
orange zest; cook, uncovered, 10 minutes, or until all liquid is

Preheat oven to 400F. Coat baking sheet with vegetable oil spray. In a
small bowl, combine zucchini, 1 tb water and remaining 1 ts oil; toss
to coat.

Arrange pitas on prepared baking sheet; top each with one-fourth of
the zucchini slices; bake 8 minutes. Spoon one-fourth cooked onion on
each pita; bake 6 minutes. Sprinkle each pita with one-fourth of the
cilantro. Bake 2 minutes.

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